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I created this recipe because I had made a lot of casseroles before we had gone gf/cf. They were not the same without using cream of mushroom soup. You can also use this recipe to make cream of chicken soup, cream of celery, and other versions.

1 8 oz package of fresh mushrooms, broken into small pieces.

2 tsp of olive oil

1 carton of Almond Breeze ( make sure its the plain flavor)

4 tbs of corn starch ( you can also use any type of gluten free flour instead, if that's what you prefer)

Take a frying pan , add the 1 tsp of the olive oil and throw in your mushrooms. Sautee them until they are moist.

Put the sauteed mushrooms into a bowl, add the rest of the olive oil into your frying pan and add your corn starch and heat until it looks kinda doughy.

Add your almond breeze and turn the stove down to medium and cook until soup base is thickened.

Put your mushrooms back into the frying pan and stir until heated all the way through.

And voila, you have cream of mushroom soup that is both gluten free and casein free.

Makes 16 oz of soup

Note: Either use the soup within a week or put have of it in the freezer. It does not last beyond a week in the refrigerator. You can also do this with any other cream soup ingredients, if you use chicken make sure you use a tad of gf/cf canned chicken broth for flavor.

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This sounds good! I love mushroom soup but have not eaten it in years. Will have to try it.
Yeah before we had gone gluten free, I made a lot of casseroles that used cream soups.... I had wanted to keep our meals as close to what we had before the change. That way I was guaranteed that my kids would actually eat what I would cook!!!! lol
Hey thanks for the recipe; now that all the local shops have jumped the price of Pacific Food's gluten free condensed soup up by almost a dollar, I'm going to make this instead.



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