Grandma's Gluten-Free Baking N Cooking

Gluten-Free Does Not Mean Flavor Free

I thought these terms might help the novice cooks. I will be adding additional ones as time permits.

Bake - to cook by dry heat, usually in the oven.

Barbecue - to roast meat slowly on a spit over coals, or on a grill over coals or in the oven, basting frequently with a seasoned sauce (BBQ sauce).

Baste - to moisten foods with a sauce, oil, melted butter, or pan drippings during cooking.

Beat - to rapidly combine ingredients with a mixer or spoon until smooth or to add air by such motion.

Blanch - to pour boiling water over food to loosen skin, remove color or set color.

Blend - to mix two or more ingredients until smooth and uniform in color or texture.

Boil - to cook in liquid at boiling temperature (212*)

Braise - to brown in a small amount of hot fat, then add a small amount of liquid and cook slowly in tightly covered pan on top of range or in oven.

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