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Gadgets, appliances, and kitchen aids I love as a gluten-free baker/cook

I have been asked many times what are some helpful utensils/aids for a gluten-free baker/cook. I decided to create a list and would love to hear what others think. What do you think is important as a GF baker/cook?

Scales – ensures precise measuring for baking (very important if you are baking in quantity and cannot afford the ingredients/time to rebake)

Measuring cups – when preciseness can be a little more lax and/or when wanting to share a recipe for cooking

Measuring spoons – indispensible

Colander – useful for washing vegetables, beans, and more.

Sieves – different sizes (fine mesh) – useful for washing gluten-free grains, sprinkling finishing touches and more.

Food processor – use for blending, mixing, chopping, pureeing and more

Slow cooker (AKA crock-pot) – use it for beans, amaranth, chili, and more.

Magic bullet or small blender/chopper (I like the magic bullet because I can use it for grinding small amounts of grain, nuts, and spices too – I also use it for making smoothies)

Table mixer – larger mixing projects

Hand mixer – small mixing jobs for which you don’t need a table mixer.

Spoons – variety for stirring, mixing, blending, folding, straining

Spatulas – variety of metal and silicone or rubber – sometimes you need the metal (just don’t use them on your nonstick pans)

Rice cooker – use it for rice, quinoa, millet and more

Skillet – 5 quart – I have one with a glass lid and love it. I use it for almost everything! Eggs, burgers, sauces, and more.

Dutch oven pan – for pasta, potatoes and more

Zester/microplane for zesting citrus – very cheap and delicious flavor (you eat the fruit and use the peel you normally throw away)

Great set of knives – I use them all day long. I peel, chop, dice, mince and more. I hone them all the time. (Honing is different than sharpening – honing is for keeping the edge. Sharpening is for when the edge is lost and cannot be recovered by honing. Get a professional to sharpen your knives if the knives are expensive.)

Kitchen scissors – use for opening packages more than anything else

Parchment paper – I love this! It allows for quick and easy clean-up! It also saves your cookies from crumbling

Tongs – used for flipping foods, getting jalapeños / pickles out of a jar, and more

Gas grill – you have all seen my gas grill – I love it! Keeps all the mess outside!

Cookie sheets – cookies, fries, roasting nuts, and more

Cake pans – round, square, and rectangular

Loaf pans – bread, quick bread, and meat loaves

Grater – for cheese and vegetables

Cutting boards – I mostly use plastic but I also have some wood boards (there is a debate about which is better but, according to Food Detectives, there is not much difference. It is more important that they do not have a lot of cuts and scratches.)

Candy/frying thermometer – used for making candy, fudge, frying, and more

Forums like this one that help people find answers

Library to check out books about gluten-free cooking and lifestyle before buying them

Gluten-free cookbooks

Internet – for researching information about ingredients, techniques, blends, recipes

Gluten-free groups like CSA, NFCA and GIG

Gluten-free grains, condiments, spices, and proteins.

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