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We're wanting to try the GF diet for our Autistic son. I guess the easiest start for us would be a menu of sorts to find out what he will and won't eat. Please post your breakfast, lunch and dinner items to give us some ideas.


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I just found this thanks to one of your helpful links!
Hi Brett
I am glad the links are of help to you! That is the whole idea of this site - sharing information of all kinds.

I tend to make most things from scratch.
I personally have amaranth (gluten-free grain) for breakfast with an egg and some fresh fruit. However, there are some great recipes for gluten-free pancakes and there are gluten-free cereals. If you are doing the GFCF diet (which is often recommended for autistic children) then the first might work best for you.

For lunch I make a killer chili or some spaghetti made with gluten-free pasta (available at Whole Foods).

For dinner I make chicken grilled or baked or I fricasee it. Then I serve it over gluten-free pasta or rice. Depending on how many vegetables I have in the chicken whether or not I serve a vegetable on the side.

For snacks I eat fruit, nuts, gluten-free crackers, and home baked goods.

If you would like other menus, recipes or anything - let me know. I make the amaranth with fresh orange zest, vanilla, stevia (natural zero calorie sweetener), and pumpkin pie spice. Sometimes I add other things too.

I hope all this helps you and feel free to ask questions.

Take care,

It sounds like the gluten-free foods are more available than I thought. We haven't been to Whole Foods yet. I think we'll check HyVee first. They have an organic section. Any luck there? There isn't a Whole Foods close to us, I don't think.
HyVee has some products. You might also try Nature's Pantry in Independence MO. They have an extensive GF product line :) The largest I have seen. At least go there to see the possibilities.

Address for Nature's Pantry:
19019 E. 48th St S
Independence, MO 64055

Wholes Foods has some but not as much as Nature's Pantry. HyVee has some but again, not as much as NP.

I hope this helps. If you have questions about any specific products, let me know. Some are great and some are gross!

I definitely did not like Nana's No's (or something like that). They have awful cookies.

I am not sure how close Whole Foods is to you but they do have a few locations in KC.

Take care.
Definitely stay away from 'Nana's' brand of cookies...I've tried several and they are all yuckky!!
Here is a suggestion of something you might try. I have been experimenting with using coconut milk in place of milk in recipes of quick breads and cakes in order to make them casein free. So far they have been coming out really well. The coconut milk adds a richness to the baked goods and you can't really taste it unless you use it in something like a plain vanilla cake. it is really good in pumpkin or banana breads.
Could you add this tip in the Hints & Tips discussion category? Think it would fit nicely there :)
When on a gluten-free diet, you don't really need to eliminate anything anymore. Gluten-Free Breads and pastries are just as great and those containing gluten. We offer gluten-free baking mixes and flours that really are great. You can buy them online at The Authentic Foods Chocolate Chunk Cookie Mix might be a good bet for dessert since the cookies have some crunch to them. Most Autistic children really like crunch. Let me know if there is something else I can help you with! :)



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