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Favorite Gluten-Free Pancakes

We have made these so many times that I am afraid we will turn into pancakes. We love them. I first started making them when we found Krusteaz Gluten-Free All Purpose (GF AP) Flour at Sam’s (they no longer carry it). We have made them so many times that we have a system for who does what in the process. He melts the butter and loads the pan to toast the pecans. I make the batter and he cooks the pancakes (we use a griddle/waffle maker that I bought years ago when the kids were little). I used to make a different version of these when the kids were little but have since converted them to gluten-free and added a grown-up touch. 

The amount of liquid you need to add will vary with how much liquid the fruit you add has. The original recipe on the bag of flour calls for 1 ¼ cups but we rarely use that much.




1 ¼ cups Krusteaz GF AP Flour*

1 Tbsp GF Baking Powder (I also make sure it is aluminum free)

¼ cup Raw Sugar

½ tsp Salt                                    


3 Tbsps Melted Butter

3 Eggs

1 cup milk (or milk substitute – we usually use rice milk)

1 tsp GF Vanilla

2 tsp Kahlua (optional)


1 cup fruit or one diced apple or ½ cup fruit puree

1 cup toasted, chopped pecans (we toast them in our convection oven for 5 mins at *350)

1 cup GF chocolate chips (we prefer dark chocolate chips – just make sure they are GF)




Preheat griddle to 375* F (however, you might want to wait until you are almost ready for it to start preheating). Lightly grease griddle with butter before adding batter. If the butter burns, then the griddle is too hot. Cool it down and wipe away the burnt butter and try again.

In large mixing bowl, whisk Krusteaz GF AP Flour, raw sugar, baking powder, and salt. Add the wet ingredients and whisk until smooth. Add your choice of inclusions (chocolate chips, pecans, fruit) and fold them in.

Pour approximately ¼ cup batter per pancake onto preheated griddle. Cook pancakes approximately 1 ½ mins per side (you might need to cook longer – we usually have to cook them about 3 mins on each side because of all the inclusions). 

The number of pancakes this will make will vary greatly depending on what you put in it and how large you make yours. We use more than the recommended ¼ cup batter and make some pretty big pancakes – which is another reason we have to cook them longer than the 1 ½ mins per side.


Hope you enjoy them as much as we do. We eat them with our fingers – like doughnuts. We don’t put any toppings on them. 

As always, make sure all your ingredients are gluten-free. Krusteaz makes both gluten-free flour and wheat flour. Make sure you buy the right one. 

*Krusteaz Gluten-Free All Purpose Flour

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