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Gluten-Free Flour Tortillas

Let me start by saying we have tried many brands of gluten-free "flour" tortillas and have not liked any of them. Some were sent to us free to review, however, if we do not like something that was given to us, we don't review it. If we don't like something that we paid for, we will, however, review it. So, it was some trepidation that we tried yet another brand of gluten-free tortillas.

We found liveGfree flour tortillas at Aldi stores. They were $3.99 for 6 large "wraps" (they call them that because they are quite large). Depending on what you want to use them for, these might be a bit large for you. We would have preferred a smaller size and that they be cheaper (nothing new there).

But how did they perform in our usual ways of using flour tortillas? Well, the simple test of heating them on the stove top and then adding butter and salt (something I did as a kid and my kids did when they were kids - have to pass these traditions on ;) ), which should really make or break any tortilla, was a surprise when it passed this test. I would certainly recommend it on that alone.

Then there was the test of using it to wrap something (chili in this instance), and it passed this test as well. The tortilla held its shape, didn't crumble and tasted good with the chili.

Then there was the quesadilla test, yes, they passed that too.

I want to buy these again but not sure I can bring myself to paying that much for six tortillas. Maybe if they made them smaller so that you get more tortillas (not necessarily more weight - currently, 11 ounces), you could make more servings out of them? 

Bottom line, if you really want a flour tortilla - these work out great in the taste and texture departments. But we would like them to be smaller and cheaper.


Tapioca starch, water, rice flour, soybean flour, soybean oil, food starch modified (corn starch, tapioca starch), potato starch, contains 2% or less of the following: yeast, milled chia seed, baking powder (sodium acid pyrophosphate, sodium bicarbonate, corn starch, monocalcium phosphate), whole eggs, fumaric acid, mono and diglycerides with citric acid (a preservative), maltodextrin, dextrose, xanthan gum, egg whites, calcium propionate (to maintain freshness), salt


Egg, soy

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