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I have had issues with iron deficiencies most of my life (all of my adult life) and tried many different things to combat it. I have taken various types of iron supplements and they all had adverse side effects. All of them tore up my stomach - it did not matter how slow acting they were or how buffered they were, they all made me sick. I tried taking them at night; I tried taking them after eating; I tried taking them every other day - nothing worked. 

I finally saw a product advertised on television (this is in itself a miracle because I fast forward through commercials most of the time) that looked like it might work better for me. I figured I had nothing to lose - nothing else was working and, quite frankly, I was sick and tired of being sick and tired. 

I wrote down the product name, the manufacturer's name and the place the commercial said it was available.  Then I went online to see if there were any negative comments about it. At the time, there was only praise for it (I don't know if that is still true or not).  

I went and picked some up and took some that night before going to bed (I wanted to give it as much of a chance as possible). The product is pur-Absorb by Spatone and it is at CVS Pharmacies - available over the counter. It is in a fairly large box because each dose is in a small packet about the size of sample shampoo packets.  There is about a month's supply in a box. 

I noticed a few things: first and foremost is it tasted yucky (in future I squeezed the sides of the packet together slightly after opening it and added some water to it to lessen the degree of "yuck"); it was a much smaller dose of iron than I normally take because it is more readily absorbable, you don't need as much; I did not get sick from it, and I felt better the next day. Each day I took it, the better I felt. 

In case you are wondering, I definitely endorse this product and just wish I got some sort of compensation back for doing so. However, I wanted to tell you about it so that you could also benefit from taking a highly bioavailable product without the side effects that other iron products have. 

The site seems to think that some will still have side effects but they can't be as bad as the ones from the much higher dosed iron pills with much lower absorption rate. 

(By the way, the product is mostly water and that is why it is in such a large packet.) 

This was copied from a Google search:

It’s simple. The body only needs to absorb a certain amount of iron. Since pur-Absorb has a higher absorption rate than many traditional iron supplements, the right amount of iron can be delivered in a lower, more gentle dose. A lower dose of iron means you are less likely to experience side effects. It’s easy. LESS is more. Spatone pur-Absorb Iron has a clinically proven high absorption rate. * The US RDI for iron is based on 18% bioavailability of ingested iron. Because pur-Absorb has a clinically proven high absorption rate, less supplemental iron is needed to fulfill the daily absorbed iron needs for women with low iron levels.

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Comment by Joyce Paige on September 20, 2012 at 3:41pm

I have been taking a B-Complex vitamin too. The B-12 is commonly deficient in Celiacs according to some experts. I am also taking a multi-vitamin and vitamin C supplement. Please make sure all your supplements are gluten-free too. 

Comment by Joyce Paige on August 11, 2012 at 11:46am

I have been taking this supplement for awhile now and it really is helping. I haven't had any side effects from taking it either. I hope it helps some of you. 


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