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Do you have the 'leftover turkey blues'?

Well, we never consider leftover turkey something to be blue about. We love leftover turkey. In fact, we intentionally buy more turkey than we can eat for Thanksgiving.  If I make a mistake and don’t buy a big enough turkey, I buy another one after Thanksgiving for all the great dishes I can make with leftover turkey.

After Thanksgiving, I put the remainder of the turkey that is still attached to the bones in a large pot and cook it until the meat falls off the bones, adding water as needed. I add some spice to it but not salt because most turkey already has a lot of salt. Once it's fallen off the bones, you can use it in all your dishes. 

For instance:

Turkey, lettuce and tomato sandwiches (using gluten-free bread or rolls, of course)

Turkey, rice and peas soup (the stock from deboning the turkey is great in this)

Turkey pot pie

Turkey salad (like chicken salad but made with turkey)

Turkey pizza (buy a gluten-free pizza – like Sabataso’s from Costco – just make sure it’s their Gluten-Free version - and add turkey on top)

Turkey casserole

Turkey Mac N Cheese (make gluten-free mac n cheese, then add some turkey and a green vegetable like peas to it)

Turkey tacos – spice up the turkey and fill the bottom of gluten-free taco shells with it and then add lettuce (or baby spinach), tomatoes and shredded cheese.

Turkey enchiladas – will have to write a recipe for you to make these.

Turkey burritos – just fill a gluten-free tortilla with turkey and some vegetables and eat. Some people like to top with things like guacamole and sour cream.

Turkey BBQ (heat your favorite gluten-free BBQ sauce and throw in some chopped turkey and simmer)

I hope this gets your creative juices flowing and you come up with your own list of things to make with all that leftover turkey.


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