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Online Twitter Party for the Cool Gluten-Free Twibe!!!

Well this party was a big success!! We are looking forward to having our next one - stay tuned for more information!

What's Happening and When?

We have over 400 members (and growing) in our gluten-free lifestyle twibe and we are having an online twitter party! The party will be on Sunday, May 31, 2009. There will be three "mini-parties" during the day. They will each be at least an hour long.

First one starts at 11:00 AM CST. (or for UK - 5:00 PM)

Second one starts at 2:00 PM CST.

The third and last one, will start at 5:00 PM CST.

We want everyone to learn more about living the gluten-free lifestyle. There are gluten-free businesses, gluten-free authors, gluten-free food bloggers, gluten-free magazines, gluten-free podcaster (is that a word?) and gluten-free individuals in our twibe.

How Do I Follow?

Follow the party by going to and sign in with twitter ID and password. Then for room type #CGFT and enter. You can adjust the speed of the chat if you want and you can pause it and restart (caution, when you restart it flies to current tweets). We found this to be the best method - fastest, simplest and easiest way to follow a discussion.

How Do I Win?

I will be awarding prizes by the speed of the answer - if you answer first and I don't see it first, then the one I do see first is the winner. I am doing it this way because if you use a program that is slow in posting the reply, I am not going back and taking a prize away from someone to give it to you. That is why I am urging everyone to use for equal chances to win.

Prize questions will be based on the information on this page. Please read ahead of time so that you are at least familiar with where to find the information and have a better chance of winning. No one will be allowed to win more than one prize per "mini-party". I want as many people to have a chance to win as possible.

We have several gluten-free companies who have agreed to contribute/participate already. We will be adding to the list of the businesses, the product(s)/coupons they are contibuting and links to their sites on this page as the information is available - so you might want to bookmark it for future reference.

What Can I Win?

There will be contests, prizes, door prizes (everyone attending gets it) and exchanging of information. Scroll down to see the companies' products that you can win! (Click on image of each product for pop-up of larger image.)

I Am a Gluten-Free Business - How May I Contribute?

If you are a gluten-free business and would like to contribute, then please contact me @SilknPearls on twitter. This will be fun, entertaining, and informative!!

Now That I Won, How Do I Claim My Prize?

If you happen to be one of the lucky winners of one of the many prizes, I will need the following information from you so that I can pass it on to the company providing the prize in question: Twitter ID, Email Address, Name, Address, Phone#, Which Prize (if you have a choice). I will need you to DM me your email (let me know if I am not following you and I will follow back) and I will DM you back with mine (if you are following me) in case I do not respond right away. After which, you may send me your information so that I may pass it on to the appropriate company.

Some of the companies would like to ask you some questions about their product after you receive it. Please respond promptly and courteously so that companies will contribute to our next party. Thank you!

The Gluten Free Cooking Expo

The Gluten Free Cooking Expo is the premier Gluten Free cooking event in the midwest. Top chefs, cookbook authors and nutritionists teach attendees how to create great-tasting gluten-free food. This year the focus is gluten-free/casein-free (GFCF) food, healthy food options and cooking on a budget. Besides the cooking demonstrations and samples, there is a large gluten-free vendor fair. Follow the Gluten Free Expo founder on twitter (jenglutenfree).

One very lucky winner will receive a one-day pass, either Saturday August 15th or Sunday August 16th to the Gluten Free Cooking Expo in Chicago. Value $179.

Artisan Bread Organic

Artisan Bread Organic makes fantastically tasty bread from freshly-milled gluten free flour, revitalised water and all natural ingredients, without baker's yeast, eggs, dairy products, gums, additives, potato, etc. All recipes are devised by a naturopath and the breads are healthily labelled for blood type and GenoType compatibility according to the books by Dr. Peter D'Adamo. But they are also foodies too and love to eat gluten free! Their next project is to offer freshly milled organic gluten free flour for home baking, to buy on their website (UK only). Please send ArtisanBreadABO a tweet to say if you would be interested. (Please note that not all products on their website are gluten-free.)

One lucky UK mainland winner will receive a voucher (coupon) for £10 GBP to use against any gluten free products or boxes listed on the website. Voucher is for use in their shop (or can be redeemed by ordering over the phone with minimum order £10 + delivery charge).

Important! This will be given at the first party due to the time difference between USA and UK.

Deerfield's Gluten-Free

Gluten-Free is for Everyone!

Deerfield's Gluten Free mission is to create great tasting gluten-free products that can be enjoyed not just by celiacs or those with intolerances but for everyone looking for healthier options. All of their gluten-free baked goods and breads are made with high quality ingredients like organic evaporated cane juice or Sucanat in place of refined sugar and without artificial preservatives, colors or flavorings. Their products are made in a dedicated gluten-free facility and there are no gluten flours stored on the premises. Follow Deerfield's on Twitter (President - glutenfreebakem and GF Baker - glutenfreegood)

Door Prize - Everybody Gets This One!

$5.00 off on Online Orders! For online orders over $25, please enjoy $5 off on your order. Valid from May 21, 2009 - June 21, 2009. One-time use only.
Type in this coupon code: MNW4E on the Payment Information page during Checkout.

Three lucky winners will receive a Product Filled Seagrass Lined Basket (reusable):

•Two packages of cookies (go online and choose your favorites!)
•One Quick Mix (sugar cookie flour mix, 1 lb 5 oz, can be made without dairy)
•One package Triple Chocolate Brownie, 1 lb 5 oz
•One Blueberry Cream Cheese Coffeecake, 12 oz

Also included is their dairy-free, egg-free, soy-free bread:

•One Rice Bran Mini Baguette, 10 oz (if you live within a 2-day shipment of Illinois; otherwise, they will include a 1-lb pkg of Stuffing Cubes.)

Life By Chocolate

Life By Chocolate is an artisan chocolates and confections boutique that sells molded chocolates, dipped chocolates, truffles as well as nougats and other candies. At Life by Chocolate, all of their chocolates are handmade. They believe in creating unique chocolates and exotic confections, while at the same time cherishing the traditional.

They make finely decorated hand dipped and fork dipped chocolate truffles made with white, milk and dark chocolate and infused with delicious green, oolong and black teas. They also make coffee truffles.

They make unique caramels, such as banana saffron, hand dipped in dark chocolate as well as caramel crèmes. They make the best cherry cordials you will ever have and they also make pear and apricot cordials as well.

They also make vegan organic fair trade chocolate bars. No milk or honey is used in the making of these bars. The chocolate they use is squeaky clean as are their manufacturing processes. So, if you're worried about chocolate which may contain trace amounts of milk, buy one of their new vegan bars. Or you can try some of their new vegan truffles.

Their philosophy at Life by Chocolate is to buy local first, then organic and then fair trade. Follow Life By Chocolate on twitter.

There will be three lucky winners. The first winner gets to pick one of the following:

1. Gift Box of Chocolates

2. Half a Pound of Bark (winner chooses flavor)

3. Three Chocolate Bars (winner chooses flavor)

The second winner gets second choice and the third winner gets the remaining prize.


Erewhon offers a variety of delicious gluten-free cereals using only the purest, finest natural ingredients - organically grown if possible. The cereals contain no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. They have no hydrogenated oils, no trans fat, no high fructose corn syrup and no BHT. Erewhon cereals are available wherever natural foods are sold, including the natural sections of many supermarkets.

Five lucky winners will receive:

One box of Erewhon Gluten-Free Strawberry Crisp Cereal, plus a $1.00 coupon to use on the Erehwon product of their choice.

Glutenada and She Loves Cake (the GF bakeshop division of Glutenada)

Glutenada offers a lineup of delicious gluten-free baking and dry mixes (that will please even the most finicky palate) and scrumptious ready-to-eat gluten-free baked goods. Each of their gluten-free mixes has been carefully created and tested on a variety of willing participants, many of whom do not need to eat gluten-free foods. They wanted to make sure their breads, pancakes, doughnut holes and other products could pass muster with the most critical of all eaters - those who can eat anything. Their gluten-free mixes contain none of the gluten but ALL of the taste. You can feed any of their delicious products to anyone you'd like – they'll never know that you're feeding them gluten-free food. Follow Glutenada on twitter.

There will be three lucky winners. The first winner gets to pick one of the following:

1. 4-Pack of Cupcakes from She Loves Cake

2. Any 4 mixes from Glutenada

3. Cookie Gift Box from She Loves Cake

The second winner gets second choice and the third winner gets the remaining prize.

Elizabeth Atkinson

She is the tween author of FROM ALICE TO ZEN and EVERYONE IN BETWEEN (recently chosen to be included in The Bank Street College of Education's 100th anniversary edition of The Best Children’s Books of the Year) and the upcoming FREKE FAMILY REUNION, both published by Lerner Books. When her teenage daughter was diagnosed with celiac disease in 2006 she researched the field with a passion. She quickly realized there was nothing truly concise on the subject for young adults and the newly diagnosed, so she set out to write a simple, upbeat gluten-free book. The result is GLEE! which will be revised yearly. Follow Elizabeth Atkinson (glutenfreeGLEE) on twitter

One lucky winner will receive a copy of her book: GLEE! An Easy Guide to Gluten-Free Independence

Bliss Unlimited LLC (makers of Luna & Larry's Coconut Bliss)

Healthy. Tasty. Sustainable. Once upon a time you could have only two of the above in your frozen dessert. Finally, Coconut Bliss has arrived to satisfy your sweet tooth and conscience. The dairy-, sugar-, cholesterol- and gluten-free dessert will satisfy just about any dietary restriction. And every sweet tooth. Grab a spoon and share your bliss. Follow Coconut Bliss on twitter (LunaandLarrys).

Three lucky winners will receive an instore coupon for a free pint of Coconut Bliss.

Coconut Bliss is:

•Coconut Milk based
•Gluten, Soy & Dairy Free
•USDA certified organic (over 95%)
•Sweetened with Agave Syrup (low glycemic index)
•Fair Trade ingredients
•No fillers (like chicory extract)
•#1 ranking as hottest new vegetarian product for 2009 (Vegetarian Times "Hot25"-bottom of page)

Shabtai Gourmet Gluten Free Bakery

Shabtai Gourmet is a unique Gluten Free Bakery line specializing in Gluten Free, Lactose Free, Soy Free, Casein Free, Dairy Free, Corn Free & Peanut Free Cakes and Cookies. Shabtai has brought a fresh and exciting new approach to allergen free baking. Shabtai and his family owned bakery has grown over the years, yet has never lost its old world out of this world taste. Follow Shabtai on twitter (GlutenFreeBakes).

Three lucky winners will receive a package of all five of the following gluten-free products:

•Lady Fingers

•Bread Crumb Substitute

•Black & White Cookies

•Rainbow Cookies

•Raspberry Roll

Authentic Foods

Authentic Foods just launched a brand new gluten-free baking mix called the Double Chocolate Brownie Mix. The Double Chocolate Brownie Mix is made with all natural ingredients, including rice flour, organic sugar, cocoa butter and rich cocoa. When baked, the brownies come out moist and crunchy on the outside. One bite of Authentic Foods Double Chocolate Brownie will make any chocolate lover ask for more.

Since 1993, Authentic Foods has manufactured healthy gluten-free and wheat-free baking mixes and flours in a gluten-free environment. All of Authentic Foods flours are milled to a superfine particle to ensure your bakes goods will result with a smooth taste and light texture. More information can be found at Authentic Foods or Authentic Foods Gluten-Free Supermarket Follow Authentic Foods on twitter.

There will be three lucky winners of an online coupon for their new Double Chocolate Brownie Mix

Oh So Sweet Treats

Oh So Sweet Treats is a gourmet mail order bakery offering many treats for gluten intolerant and gluten tolerant alike. They bake everything from scratch using the highest quality ingredients. Since the gluten free line was launched in March, they have added seven new treats to their line and have plans to add three more in the next few weeks! Oh So Sweet Treats is the brain-child of Ebony Richardson Jackson. She was inspired to launch a gluten free line not only because of her belief that EVERYONE should be able to enjoy sweet treats but also because of her really good friend, Sarah, that recently discovered her gluten intolerance. Follow Oh So Sweet Treats on twitter.

There will be three lucky winners. The first winner gets to pick one of the following:

1. 1 basket filled with - 1/2 dozen brownies, 1/2 dozen blondies, 1/2 dozen chocolate chip cookies

2. One Loaf of Wheat Free Monkey (Gluten-Free Banana Bread)

3. One Loaf of Wheat Free Monkey (Gluten-Free Banana Bread)

The second winner gets second choice and the third winner gets the remaining prize.

Navan Foods: The Allergy Free Food Shop

Navan Foods was founded by a mother experienced with shopping for a multiple food allergic child to help other families following special diets. Every product in the store is labeled with information regarding the ingredients it is made without as well as information regarding the manufacturing environment to help customers make safe food choices. We have a physical store located in Virginia Beach in addition to a web store. Navan Foods allows customers purchasing online to donate 1% of their sale to select non-profits assisting those dealing with special diets: Kids with Food Allergies, Celiac Disease Foundation, Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Network, National Autism Association, & American Partnership for Eosinophilic Disorders.

One lucky winner will receive an E-certificate worth $25 including free shipping (total value $35)

(FYI - you can use the filter on Navan's site to only pull up foods that you are not allergic to - if you are allergic to gluten and soy, then mark those and then see all the products that do not include those ingredients. I think this is a very useful tool!)

Yummy Spoonfuls

Award Winning Yummy Spoonfuls Organic Baby Food Rated # 1 Baby Food above all 12 leading competitors: BEST TASTE, BEST OVERALL

FIVE STARS! --Cookie magazine readers' panel, January 2009

Yummy Spoonfuls is a provider of fresh 100% USDA certified organic meals for babies and toddlers. All meals are Gluten Free, Dairy Free, No added Sugar or Salt, No Preservatives, No Additives, No Extenders or Fillers. With 25 different product offerings across three product lines, even the most discriminating palate is bound to find something satisfying, nutritious and delicious

Follow yummyspoonfuls on twitter.

One lucky winner will receive a Yummy Spoonfuls gift certificate for $24.00 (1 case of stage 1 or stage 2 product)

Snikiddy® was founded in 2006 by Janet Owings and Mary Schulman, a mother/daughter team with a passion for children’s health; Snikiddy® produces Snikiddy Snacks®. Snikiddy® is a shortened (and let’s face it, easier to say) form of the word persnickety, which means choosy or picky.

Snikiddy Snacks® Cheese Puffs are great tasting, family-friendly snack foods made from simple, wholesome and real ingredients. Follow Snikiddy on twitter.

Snikiddy Snacks® Cheese Puff Varieties:

•Grilled Cheese
•Mac n’ Cheese
•Nacho Cheese (Coming May 2009)

Snikiddy Snacks® Cheese Puff Features & Benefits:

•All Natural
•Made with real cheese
•Low in saturated fat and cholesterol
•30% less fat than other leading brands
•20% fewer calories than other leading brands
•Gluten and Wheat Free
•No Trans Fats, No Hydrogenated Oils and No Preservatives

Please note that the Snikiddy Snacks® All Natural Cookies are NOT gluten-free.

There will be three lucky winners that will receive the following assortment:

•1 bag of Grilled Cheese Puffs 4.0 oz
•1 bag of Mac n’ Cheese Puffs 4.0 oz
•1 bag of Pizza Puffs 4.0 oz
•1 bag of Nacho Puffs 4.0 oz
•2 $1 off coupons.


Aleia's Gluten Free Foods, located in Branford, CT, is a dedicated gluten-free bakery. Their creator, Kimberly Snow is a Culinary Institute of America graduate and has used her degree to create a product line of 16 items and growing.

They offer a single cooking solution to their primary audience, Celiacs, and those affected by a wheat allergy, but more importantly they want these foods to be enjoyed by all! Their stuffing mix will wow any Thanksgiving Day crowd; their bread crumbs work magic with cutlets, meatballs, and stuffed anything; and their croutons are like nothing else out on the market!

The other half of their product line is sweet and reminds people how sweet life can be even without wheat. They offer eight different varieties of cookies: Snickerdoodles, Chocolate Chip Cookies, Ginger Snaps, Peanut Butter Cookies, Almond Horns, Pignoli Nut Cookies, Coconut Macaroons and Chocolate Coconut Macaroons.

Check out their website to see where you can find their products! Aleia's If you go to a store to find their foods and they are not there; just give them a call! They will tell you where they are available. Follow Aleias on twitter.

There will be three lucky winners that will receive their choice of one cooking solution and one bag of cookies!

The Gone Pie Company

Gone Pie is a small vegan bakery based in New York. They offer an alternative to the super sweet vegan, gluten-free products available on the market. They strive to make their product a more healthful indulgence. They love to develop recipes with clients for custom orders. Gone Pie is named for a song by Patti Smith with the closing refrain "Long life. May you live a long life." Amen. Follow Gone Pie on twitter.

There will be three lucky winners of taster portions. First winner gets first choice from one of the following:

1. Gluten-Free Vegan Fig bars - their latest gluten-free creation.


Not so secret gone pie blend of gluten-free flours (organic rice flour, tapioca flour, potato flour, garfava four), gluten-free oats, organic maple syrup, canola oil

Organic figs, dates, organic flax seeds, arrowroot, spices

Not so secret gone pie blend of gluten-free flours (organic rice flour, tapioca flour, potato flour, garfava four), gluten-free oats, organic maple syrup, canola oil, organic brown sugar, spices

2. Gluten-Free Vegan Brownies with a side of frosting

A choice of either of these brownies with a side of frosting!

Gluten-Free Vegan Brownies

Organic brown sugar, dates, canola oil, organic brown rice syrup, chocolate (evaporated cane juice, chocolate liquor, non-dairy cocoa butter), organic rice flour, tapioca flour, garfava flour, organic soy flour, potato flour, unsweetened/non-dairy chocolate, almonds, walnuts, pecans, unsweetened/non-dairy cocoa powder, tahini, spices, non-aluminated gluten-free baking powder, gluten-free almond extract.

Gluten-Free Vegan Brownies - No Nuts

Organic brown sugar, not so secret gone pie blend of gluten-free flours (organic rice flour, tapioca flour, potato flour, garfava four), organic brown rice syrup, dates, canola oil, gluten-free bittersweet chocolate, non-dairy/unsweetened chocolate, non-dairy/unsweetened cocoa, Singing Dog vanilla, non-aluminated gluten-free baking powder, spices

Rich Dark Chocolate Frosting

Organic rice, soy and/or coconut milk, gluten-free bittersweet chocolate, organic maple syrup, organic rice syrup, non-dairy/unsweetened chocolate, organic non-dairy/unsweetened cocoa, arrowroot.

3. Choice of one of the Gluten-Free Vegan Macaroons listed below

Gluten-Free Vegan Carob Macaroons

Dates, coconut, organic millet flour, organic brown rice syrup, carob powder, organic brown rice flour, almonds, organic maple syrup, spices, gluten-free almond extract

Gluten-Free Vegan Apricot Macaroons

Organic apricots, dates, coconut, organic millet flour, organic brown rice syrup, organic brown rice flour, almonds, organic maple syrup, spices, Singing Dog vanilla.

Jessica’s Natural Foods

Jessica’s Natural Foods offers pure & delicious gluten-free granola. Our granola is made with certified gluten-free oats and is loaded with delicious, healthy ingredients like ground flax, coconut, honey and pure maple syrup. Depending on the flavor you select, you’ll enjoy crunchy toasted almonds and chewy Michigan dried cherries, rich chocolate chips or the simple taste of vanilla and maple. Jessica’s Natural Foods uses only wholesome, all-natural ingredients and never uses any preservatives, artificial flavors or colors. Follow Jessica’s Natural Foods on twitter (GlutenFreeGnola).

There will be three lucky winners – each one receives 2 of their choice of the following:

1. Vanilla Maple
2. Chocolate Chip
3. Almond Cherry

gfMeals by Your Dinner Secret

gfMeals, by Your Dinner Secret, makes a gluten and casein-free (GFCF) lifestyle easy, delicious and stress-free. Offering a vast menu of family-friendly, ready-to-cook entrees and sides, as well as the most delicious GFCF baked goods, gfMeals ships food nationwide to your door. Every meal comes frozen, with simple cooking instructions. You will be delighted by our chicken tenders, turkey meatloaf, faux buttermilk sliced bread and chocolate chip cookie dough, just to name a few. Place your order at or call 888-700-5610. Follow gfMeals on twitter.

Door Prize - Everybody Gets This One!

10% off your order! There’s no minimum order. Buy whatever you like. The more you put in your cart, the greater your savings! Valid from May 29, 2009 - June 6, 2009. One-time use only.

Type in this coupon code: CGFT during checkout.

Additionally, there will be one lucky winner of a $25 Gift Certificate!!

Bozza Food Group

Bozza Food Group pastas are all made by hand, in Longmont Colorado, in the traditional artisan manner. They use all natural ingredients. They currently sell their pastas through Whole Foods, King Soopers, and many farmers markets in the Boulder area. They are currently working with the Boulder Innovation Center, Boulder’s entrepreneurial hub, to grow their business and take their pastas nationwide. Follow Bozza Food Group on twitter.

There will be two lucky winners. This is a fresh pasta and therefore winners must be from the Boulder, Colorado area (in or within 20 miles of Boulder). Each winner will receive:

1 lb Gluten Free Gnocchi

1 lb Gluten Free Fettucini

More information to come :)

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