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Gluten-Free Does Not Mean Flavor Free

I wish you all a safe and delicious gluten-free Thanksgiving!

Here is a menu plan to get you started; I hope it helps give you some ideas of how to manage a delicious and safe gluten-free menu.

Gluten-Free Meal Plan for Thanksgiving

Nervous about a gluten-free Thanksgiving? Well, you don’t have to be if you just follow a few rules:

  1. Read all ingredients of anything you are making

  2. Follow gluten-free recipes from our site and/or other gluten-free sites

  3. Keep the prepared gluten-free foods away from the gluten foods so that there is less chance of cross contamination from the uninformed.

  4. Make sure each dish has its own serving utensil - less chance of utensils being used in gluten foods and then in gluten-free foods.

  5. Serve the people who need gluten-free foods first – then there is less chance of anything going wrong. They will at least get one serving they can trust to be gluten-free.

I just prepare everything gluten-free and make sure I have many choices of dishes that will appeal to both gluten-free individuals and the rest of the guests. Here are some possible dishes for your meal plan:

Deviled Eggs - recipe here.

Turkey – easy to be gluten-free, especially if you do not add stuffing and make sure the broth that it was stored in (by meat manufacturer), is gluten-free.  Meat manufacturers in the US now have to state, in the list of ingredients, if they put common allergens, like wheat, in their products. Since that ruling, most do not put it in.

Cranberry sauce – can be homemade or store bought

Stuffing/dressing – can be gluten-free if you make it yourself. Use any gluten-free bread you like – cube it and dry it out in oven on low heat before using it in the stuffing/dressing.

Green Beans – usually gluten-free unless they have made green bean casserole or added other ingredients that might not be gluten-free. I usually don’t eat green beans at other people’s houses because they often add bacon grease or bacon to them and I don’t like pork. (Not all bacon is gluten-free.)

Corn – is gluten-free, however, you might want to make sure it is also non-GE/GMO.

Mashed potatoes – gluten-free if you are making them yourselves. Be wary of any “instant” mashed potatoes. You can either make traditional mashed potatoes or you can make mashed sweet potatoes (I add a little pumpkin pie spice to them and serve them hot).

Turkey gravy – gluten-free recipe here.

Rolls – there are now gluten-free dinner rolls available from Udi’s.

Baked Acorn Squash - recipe here.

Pumpkin Pie – can be gluten-free if you follow my recipe. You can also use this recipe for crust for other types of pies. Just be sure to follow the instructions for keeping the crust cold.

Again, I hope this gets you started in the right direction. Happy Thanksgiving!

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