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Turkey Gravy

I have made turkey gravy with corn starch before but decided to try it with a different flour/starch this time because there is some controversy that corn may not be appropriate for Celiacs. Use whatever gluten-free flour/mixture you have available - test it before Thanksgiving so that you can see if you like the one you chose. I used my sorghum flour mix because I had it on hand and it was delicious. 


3 Tbsps gluten-free flour (your choice)

3 Tbsps unsalted butter (or your choice of gluten-free margarine)

3 cups turkey broth (homemade is best – get from your turkey when it is done)

½ tsp pepper (or to taste)

¼ tsp thyme




Start with a skillet (I have seen them use pots on food shows but I have always used skillets and like them for ability to see what is going on in the pan) and melt your butter in the pan on medium to low heat. Add your choice of gluten-free flour (or mixture) and whisk to prevent lumping. Heat until mixture turns a medium brown (about five minutes) – this develops the flavor and gets rid of that “floury” taste.


Slowly whisk in your turkey broth (can use chicken broth from can/carton but make sure it is low sodium because you will be concentrating the broth and it will make it more salty tasting) and add your spices. Cook to thicken until desired consistency and serve.

Note: You can always add salt if you need it but it is hard to take out. Follow the recipe as is and if you need salt at the end, add it just before removing from the stove.

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